Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"MECHAN WONG" New & Fresh Female Singer
Breakingthrough Single "KAU ASIK SENDIRI" Cipt. Toni Brillianto
Produce By POD Record


photographer : teddyagra
digital imaging : zaeski abdi
makeup artist & hairdo : nuke galdira
fashion stylish : satria soewiryo
asistant : putra


The concept is as a new & fresh female singer this time is more focused to the profile face of the singer, so general public can be more familiar with the artist's own. combined with a more colorful style of dress also a bit naughty, with sassy pose, adorable little to tempting.
Inspired by Katy Perry Wallpaper Pictures.

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  1. poto potonya keren keren abiezz....salut de,,,,,